Tooth Whitening in Auckland CBD

Customs Street Dentists partner with the leading tooth whitening Hismile Professional. We actually introduced Hismile Professional to New Zealand, which provides a peroxide-free whitener, suitable for sensitive teeth.

The tooth whitening process is easy and non-invasive. We remove years of stains and colour from your teeth in a single 1-hour treatment. Home treatments are also available if more convenient for you. Our oral health professionals are well-placed to provide you with the most suitable tooth whitening option for your needs.

Give us a call to learn more about tooth whitening costs in Auckland and what’s involved in the procedure.

The Ultimate Smilecare Treatment
The Ultimate Smilecare Treatment is our premium in-chair whitening treatment. This treatment includes a comprehensive scale and clean, utilising guided biofilm technology to provide the best clean possible. This, combined with Hismile’s world renowned, pain and sensitivity-free PAP+ treatment, will completely transform your smile.